I liked a girl very much, and after some time, a good friend of mine got together with her. that made me realize that I can't get this kind of satisfaction and poured myself a bottle of Whiskey to wash away all my pain.

I see you two sitting there in love,
you hold her hand, i turn myself off.
I got ancious about this fact,
It's that kind of girl by which I got attract'.

I love that kind of girl,
not that one in particular.
I love this kind,
not the one in your arms,
well, maybe I do, but she is yours.

I feel so sad, there's no one in my life,
it drives me into pain, into pain I dive,
drinking whiskey to draw my focus away.
I don't know for what, for what do I stay.

I want a girl, one of this type,
not that one in particular,
just one like her,
not the one in your arms,
because she never can be mine.

So there I am, a total wreck,
I try to find for me the right track.
I begin to realize that those emotions
those emotions are not ment for me

I just want some girl, of any type.
none in particular,
just one for me,
not any one in anybodies arms,
but there's none, none will be mine.