I have really no clue what inspired me to this one, It just popped out of my mind and was there.

I used to love you,
But you gave a damn.
I wanted to have you,
but you put me down.

Why all this suffer,
I'm standing here
Why all this fear?
I cry my last tear.

My love got lost.
I really loved you,
at whatever cost
but cruelty is all you do

Now you stand there,
staring at me.
In the middle of nowhere.
but you still can't see.

I have nothing to loose,
what shall I live for?
what shall I die for?
everything's lost.
nothing is left.

I have enough of all this suffering.
I'm fed up with all the pain.
I don't want to hurt you
Like you hurt me.
But if you go on.
There will be more pain.
But not for me..
... this time for you.