Really no clue what inspired me to that one...

I'm sitting here
got nothing to do
my life is empty
noone is there

my friends got lost
lost in the space
lost due some shit
nobody's left

I have no friends,
nobody holds my hand,
I only want one
who understands me.

But there is nobody,
no one who can,
nobody understands me.
I am lost.

So what is left?
Is there anything?
I don't think so,
put my life to an end.

I don't have anything,
I can't do anything,
i am imprisoned
imprisoned in life...

And here I am,
in my psychocrisis
wondering when all this went wrong
wondering if I can get along.
Will finally somewhere be the one
the one that can release me
release me out of my pain,
there are my feelings
lost in the drain.
So why won't you get me?